Monday, 23 February 2009

"Comic 547: FUCK NO" : FUCK YES.

I agree so much with the sentiment in this post, I'm not even going to try and criticize it. It sums up my feelings for the comic in question.
Although I did go and look up, like a common sheep, hoping that it was actually something kind of funny, meant in a sarcastic way, but no, it's just wikipedia in easy language.
One important question that Carl did not raise, however, is this:
"Where the hell did Randall get that site from?!"

I've never, ever seen it before in my life, and I've played around with the languages on there in boredom many times (usually translating french into english and seeing the differences oh God I'm so sad) and I've never come across it.

But overall, fantastic post. As seen before, even xkcd sucks sometimes likes xkcd, so why not work the other way round too?


  1. DAN GET OUT OF MY HEAD i was just reading xkcdsucks!

  2. You've never come across Simple English Wikipedia? Weird. Maybe you were born yesterday.