Saturday, 21 February 2009

Frequently Awesome Questions

1. I have the best idea for a post here EVAR what do I do with it?

Send send send.

2. Anything else I should send you?

If you think it's worth your time, feel free.

3. Does Carl Wheeler know about this blog?

As stated below, he does now...

4. Are YOU Carl Wheeler?

No, actually. This would already have been done if I was. OH WAIT...

5. What can I do to make your life better?

By not taking this very seriously at all.


  1. I know about it now!

    I AM VERY ANGRY GRRR HOW CAN YOU SAY I SUCK I AM OBVIOUSLY THE COOLEST DUDE IN THE WORLD argh you are just bitter and jealous because you can't make your own "x webcomic sucks" blog! GRRR

    dan you are my hero

  2. Thank you, thank you.

    Of course, I would start a Dinosaur Comics sucks blog but there's the issue of, well, the fact that Ryan North hasn't run out of awesome ideas yet.

    I would also do a Ctrl-Alt-Del sucks one too, but I know that if I googled it, I'd be inundated with people of the same mindset.

  3. It's true, Carl is actually the coolest dude in the world.

  4. Carl Wheeler is that feeling you get from chewing on tin foil, or cyanide.