Saturday, 21 February 2009

Frequently Annoying Questions

1. Why did you bother taking the time to set this up?
For the lulz, primarily. Simply because I thought it would cause somebody other than you to smile.

2. Are you just jealous because Carl is so much cooler than you'll ever be?

Not really, I'm much more jealous of Rob.

3. Is this just here in an attempt to make the front page a lot more like xkcd sucks to enhance the blatent parody?

Yes, I suppose.


  1. i also am jealous of rob

    -NOT ROB

  2. Everybody is. One day when xkcd sucks is huge and famous and selling t-shirts just like Randall (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE never do that, unless it's a "Cuddlefish" t-shirt - complete with plushy cuttlefishes - I'd be tempted) Carl will be overthrown by the masses in favour of almighty Rob...maybe.

  3. Hi! I'm your resident xkcd sucks spammer. Just wanted to say hi. I really like this blog. Don't worry, I won't target it. Primarily because I agree with it's contents.

    Most of my best spamming work can be found here:

  4. This blog fucking sucks. I'm actually kind of glad you wasted some of your life posting it.

    The result is its own reward.