Monday, 23 February 2009

"Comic 547: FUCK NO" : FUCK YES.

I agree so much with the sentiment in this post, I'm not even going to try and criticize it. It sums up my feelings for the comic in question.
Although I did go and look up, like a common sheep, hoping that it was actually something kind of funny, meant in a sarcastic way, but no, it's just wikipedia in easy language.
One important question that Carl did not raise, however, is this:
"Where the hell did Randall get that site from?!"

I've never, ever seen it before in my life, and I've played around with the languages on there in boredom many times (usually translating french into english and seeing the differences oh God I'm so sad) and I've never come across it.

But overall, fantastic post. As seen before, even xkcd sucks sometimes likes xkcd, so why not work the other way round too?

Saturday, 21 February 2009

[x amount] of things I slightly dislike about xkcd sucks


Why does it take Carl a whole day to put the bile he threw up, having seen the latest xkcd, into words? When I've seen a particularly bad xkcd, I want the bile RIGHT NOW. This instant.


There is this current trend of using CAPS LOCK ALL THE FREAKING TIME and caps lock is not cruise control for cool anymore. No sir.

...okay, well I can't really think of that much to say. I didn't enter into this whole idea really with a long-term plan. Any other annoyances, please comment below, and I will add them, because they'll probably be better than mine.

Frequently Awesome Questions

1. I have the best idea for a post here EVAR what do I do with it?

Send send send.

2. Anything else I should send you?

If you think it's worth your time, feel free.

3. Does Carl Wheeler know about this blog?

As stated below, he does now...

4. Are YOU Carl Wheeler?

No, actually. This would already have been done if I was. OH WAIT...

5. What can I do to make your life better?

By not taking this very seriously at all.

Frequently Annoying Questions

1. Why did you bother taking the time to set this up?
For the lulz, primarily. Simply because I thought it would cause somebody other than you to smile.

2. Are you just jealous because Carl is so much cooler than you'll ever be?

Not really, I'm much more jealous of Rob.

3. Is this just here in an attempt to make the front page a lot more like xkcd sucks to enhance the blatent parody?

Yes, I suppose.

Because we were all thinking it...

Firstly, to understand fully what's going on here, you need to see this.
Now, in your new understanding you can appreciate what this is.